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A Good Pink


Killjoy Collective is pleased to announce the public opening of A Good Pink. Please join us for a reception at PCC’s Northview Gallery on January 13th from 6-8pm, as well as an artist talk January 18th from 1-3pm.

In A Good Pink, Maggie-Rose Condit, E.M. Fuller, Tessa Heck, Caitlin Rooney, BriAnna Rosen, and Rachel Rosenkoetter join forces to explore the ambiguity and power of pink’s many diverging identities, participating in an inquisitive dialogue around these idiosyncratic relationships. Utilizing mediums such as painting, sculpture, light, video, drawing and textiles, Killjoy Collective creates a cohesive energetic space, examining how pink accentuates and isolates at once.

Pink is fruity sweetness dissolving on the tongue, a drift of fragrant blossoms, an evocation of the sensitive, the youthful, the pleasurable. Pink is sunsets and reveries and flamingos, the unreal, the eccentric, the dreamlike. Pink is silky hair ribbons and frothy Rococo painting, a glut of femininity, excess and exaggeration. Endlessly mutable in its gradations and connotations, pink is loaded with cultural signifiers which transcend the hue’s slice of the color spectrum. As polarizing as it is promiscuous, pink occupies a liminal space of repulsion and attraction, sensuality and morbidity, luxury and kitsch. Explore, celebrate, and complicate the color pink in all of its glorious significations and contradictions

A Good Pink runs until February 10th

Northview Gallery is located in the CT 214 Building on the Sylvania Campus

Gallery hours: Monday through Friday 8am–4pm and Saturday 11am–4pm

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